Loving Costa Rica!

Annonsen laddas.

We are back here in Costa Rica where i have found yoga!


Practice with me!!

Annonsen laddas.

Hey guys! I’m happy to announce that I finally released together with Gaiam my first ever yoga instructional videos!! Go to practice.rachelbrathen.com for more info ❤️

Surfs up!!

Annonsen laddas.

Got to surf here in Koh Samui today ❤️



Excursion day!

Annonsen laddas.

We took our retreaters to the waterfall, learned how to make coconut oil, had authentic Thai food on a top of a hill and watched the sunset from the beach. Can’t wait for tomorrows adventures!




Yoga Girl

Annonsen laddas.

Y O G A G I R L !!!! Some of my beautiful retreat yogis did this on the beach today while I was in my room in an energy healing session crying my eyes out. What a day. Moving mountains. This retreat group… I love every single person here. All 47 of you! It’s only day two and we have known each other many lifetimes I know it. Family comes in many shapes and forms. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.