Hanna svarar!

Här sitter Hanna och skriver svar till er alla. Hon är på väg till Hot Yoga som är väldigt populärt här.

Hey! Thank you sooo much for all the nice compliments :) I’m excited to
be guest blogging to help you guys find out a little more about myself.
I read all of your questions and I’m going to try my best to answer
them all.. in English of course :)

My full name is Hanna Sofia Montazami, I’m 16 years old and i was born
on October 4th, 1993.  I live in Orange County, I’m a junior in high
school (11th grade), and I love to play soccer and cheerlead. On my
spare time, I like going to the beach and barbeques, doing hot yoga,
shopping, listening to music, and most of all being around my family
and friends.

My Favorite...
Store: Urban Outfitters in the US and H&M in Sweden (the H&M stores in
Sweden always have a better variety of clothes for some reason!)
Food:  i loooove Danish hot dogs with the crispy onions and Persian
celery stew that my mom makes
Song:  Take it Off by Ke$ha
Vacation Spot: Mallorca, Spain
Swedish Candy: Snus Klubba.. the ones with a lotttt of licorice powder
:) Hockey Pulver (super surt) the candy in Sweden is much better than
the candy in America!
Clothes: ”crop tops” and skinny jeans with Vans (skater shoes)
Celebrities: GERARD BUTLER, Bradley Cooper, and Christiano Ronaldo ;)
Movie: Twilight (Team Edward) and The Hangover
Color: Coral Pink
Season: Summer of course!
Animal:  Baby Lions haha i dont know actually
TV Show:  Gossip Girl, The Hills, Color Splash, Cake Boss
Makeup:  True Mineral Powder, Mac eyeshadow called ”antiqued”, and
Voluminous Mascara by Loreal
Swedish Food: Princess Cake.. I count that as food haha
Swedish Ice Cream: Piggelin, Igloo Cola (why do they not have those in
Sweden anymore?!), and Paron Split… The first place we always go when
we arrive in Sweden is the Gas Station or Grocery Store to stock up on

A Little About Myself
I am 5’8″ tall and I weigh 115 pounds (52 kilos). I love doing hot yoga
and I sometimes go on runs to the beach.  I eat basically whatever I
want so I don’t have to try hard to stay slim thankfully!
My hair is naturally this length but i put blonde highlights in my hair
to make it lighter.  I have had soo many problems with my hair color
thanks to my mom.  I used to let her dye my hair from the store-bought
dying kits and what a mistake that was!  My hair has been dark brown,
orangey brown, maroon, and the color it is now which is most similar to
my natural color.  Now I only go to a professional hair salon haha

My prom dress and the adorable flower ring was from The Daisy Shoppe in
Mission Viejo Mall!  My dress that the tailor messed up was from Lola
Rouge in Fashion Island.  I actually had an interesting prom night.. My
group that you guys saw in the picture had some serious issues with our
Party Bus.  Usually all prom groups take a party bus to prom because
its so fun to dance and hangout in there!  Unfortunately when the bus
arrived at my friends house, it had a flat tire.. so we had to call
professionals to fix it which took about an hour, so we missed our
dinner! And on the way to prom, our music stopped working so we were
just sitting there talking (which is not what you are supposed to do on
an expensive party bus!). Even though we had problems with the bus the
dance was really fun :).  And yes, prom in America is like all the
movies! We have the King and Queen, people wear either short or long
dresses, and everyone spends HOURS getting ready for the dance haha

We go to Sweden I would say every summer.  What I love about Sweden is
the greenery and cleanliness, and of course the popsicles, but you guys
already know that!  I like picking strawberries and eating red and
black currants and those little smultron right off of the bush :) I
understand a lot of Swedish but i probably have the WORST Swedish
accent possible and Sara and my mom always make fun of me when i try to
say something haha but I’m working on it! I want to learn more of the
language because when i tell my friends i speak a little Swedish
they’re like ”OMG no way!! Say something!” and its funny. Next time we
go to Sweden (this summer) it’s going to be a lot different because
people actually know who we are and i think thats so cool haha.  I
realized that i don’t really do anything at night when were in Sweden
so hopefully this time i’ll be able to go out with Sara and hangout
around the town but im not old enough for the clubs so hopefully she
doesn’t leave me…

I speak absolutely no Farci which is kind of sad. But my mom makes the
BEST persian food ever and we sometimes have it for dinner :) I’ve
never been to Iran but I’ve seen pictures from there and it looks
extremely pretty.  Maybe one day we will go there but Im not sure..

I study a lot for my classes and I get good grades! I am on the Honor
Roll and I do all my homework :) I  have a great big group of friends
and have stayed friends with them since elementary school!  High school
is not like the movies haha it has different cliques, but we all get
along for the most part.  On weekends, my friends and I go to each
others houses and hangout and I don’t drink. One tip for staying
focused in school is to study hard and do your best now, so in the
future you have a good work ethic and a better chance of becoming
successful.  In the future, I would either like to be a fashion model
or an interior decorator because I love fashion and I have always had a
passion for interior decorating like my mom!

My Mom!
Im so grateful to have my mom as my mom :)  She always thinks about the
kids first and teaches us right from wrong.  She’s an amazing cook
too.. I can’t even think of a bad dinner that she has made!  She thinks
Im the funniest daughter :) she always begs me to make ugly faces
behind the camera to make her laugh and have a natural smile in the
picture haha. After all Im an expert in making ugly faces haha :o  I am
so happy that she is so well-liked by so many people and I couldn’t ask
for a better mom :)

Thank you guys for giving me an opportunity to guest blog it was really
fun to answer all of your questions! :)

Hej Då!
Hanna…..all my friends say my name wrong they say Honna

  1. Hello Hanna or maybe Maria is reading this ?;)
    Jag tar det på svenska ! :D
    Det är bara så coolt, så jag måste berätta!
    Min mamma är svensk och Pappa persisk, både far och mor lagar otroligt god persisk mat ochjag har som du hanna, aldrig varit i Iran, men sett bilder osv.
    Jag är den ända dottern av fyra barn, minst av mina tre äldre bröder, precis som Nicholas fast tvärtom!
    Och så såg jag en massa mer grejjer också som jag känner igen mig i . Hahah tyckte det var lite häftigt och nästan lite scarry hur lika saker kan vara ;)
    Hope you will have a good day, Maria / Hanna !
    Kraaam Nora.

  2. Hi Hannah!

    As you see, my name is also Hanna. I’m from Sweden so my English is pretty bad :P I hope you understand what I write ;)

    I’m glad that you answered all the questions we had and thet we got to know more about you. I really liked your prom dress and I wish The daisy shop was here in Sweden.
    I have a question. To which city do you go to when you are here in Sweden? ;)

    I´m a huge Edward fan to :)

    Hugs / Hanna

  3. Hello!
    Hanna you look so beautiful in all your clothes and everything, one question, where have you bought you prom dress? :)

  4. Hi Hanna! If you need someone to take you out on a party night when you are in Sweden, just contact me and i will show you all the right places in both Helsingborg and Malmö! Your age wont be a problem, i’ll think i can manage to get you inside the clubs :) It would be really fun to show both you and your sister what girls in your age do to have fun in the evenings in Sweden. My email is h.franzen@hotmail.com, just contact me if you want a guide while you are here! =)
    //Hanna, 18, from Lund

  5. Did I read Halmstad? OMG you should totally visit Halmstad, were I live.
    It’s so nice in the summer and if you visit I’ll bring snusklubbor and ostkrokar! ;D

  6. you would really do well as a fashionmodel:)
    when you come to bollnäs, you’re invited to a party if you want to, haha. i figured that there isn’t alot to do in bollnäs at night, so you are very welcome.
    take care

  7. Skriver på svenska så du får öva lite… :-) Hoppas du förstår! Vad kul att du/ni gillar våra isglassar! Är inte era goda? Igloo cola gillade jag själv när jag var liten och ”X15”! Vet inte varför de tagit bort dem. Men det finns nog nåt bra substitut, typ cola ”pop-ups”.
    Och snusklubbor är ju en gammal klassiker! Gillar du saltlakrits som de flesta amerikaner INTE gör? T ex
    ”Swedish fish” (lakritssillar). Måste fått den smaklöken från din mamma… Testa då glassen ”Lakritspuck” nästa gång! Jättegod! Håller med om att vårt smågodis är mycket bättre än ert, ert smakar så sött och konstgjort och för mycket ”cherry”.
    Själv älskar jag american pancakes och brukar göra dem ”from scratch” och inga mixer som ni har! Är ni i Sthlm och saknar dem, gå till ”Sirap”, där finns alla sorter du kan tänka dig.

    Tell Madison her dress was the second best, after you of course!
    Have a nice stay in our beautiful country!

  8. OMG Bradley Cooper <3 I laughed when I read that you were Team Edward, because I just wrote on another blog that I'm a definite Team Jacob!

  9. Jag fattar inte heller det där med rubriken. Vem svarar?Eller svarar hanna åt sara eller tvärtom. Har Maria blandat ihop namnen bara?
    varför rättas det inte till?

  10. Hej Maria & Hanna! :) Jag är en tjej som är 16-år och går i skola i Helsingborg, den heter Magnus Stenbocksskolan.
    Idag har varit en underbar dag för jag har fått ett stipendium för att jag varit en framdstående elev inom skolan och positiv, glad och engagerad. Det här verkar kanske som värsta stalker-grejjen men om ni vill, så skulle jag gärna vilja träffa någon av era döttrar på stan och kanske ta en fika? Om du vill kolla upp mig så finns jag på Facebook och det är bara att maila, du kan tom. få prata med min mamma om du vill ;)

    Tack för en underbar blogg, du/ni verkar vara urgulliga!

    Mvh Louise

  11. Precis som några redan uppmärksammat så undrar man ju såklart; Är det Sara som svarar åt Hanna eller har rubriken bara blivit fel?

  12. Hahaha, ur such a great girl Hanna (Sara, Emma and Nicho as well ofc ;)) You and your older sister should really start your own blog!!! Please, do it. OMG, I wanna meet you guys when you come to sweden. We could totally hang out, haha :) is it in Halmstad you’re staying? :)

  13. You are one of the moste beautiful people I have ever seen. You can really become a fashion model. Skinny and gorgeous ! .. Good luck with everything. I love you family!

  14. OMG! Thank you so very much for telling about cake boss, I used to download Ace of Cakes but I cant fint more episodes! Im guessing Cake Boss will do great as a substitute! :)

    Have a great stay here in sweden, I got my fingers crossed for the weather to be good while your´re here!

    Ha det så bra!

  15. what a bummer with the bus! =( but at least you seem to have had a great company! =)

    Here in Sweden (that I know of) we have our prom when we graduate 12th grade.

    I’m sure you would make it as a model, cause your goregous! =),
    take care!

  16. owh! you seem to be such an amazing person, hanna! :) I am 18 years old :) you are sooo pretty and funny! there’s no doubt that you’re gonna be a model!

    have a great day, and maybe I’ll see you in sweden some time, that would be awesome :)

  17. My daughter is born on the same day, the fourth av October. Here in Sweden it’s ”Kanelbullens dag” that day, or cinnamon buns day. But I heard that the cinnamon buns aren’t as good i USA as they are in Sweden, so you’ll have to tell your mom to bake some!

    /Sofie Trinh Johansson

  18. Hi Hanna!
    It would be so much fun to go out with you and Sara!! All the guys would be all over you, hot girls! ;) Haha.
    I wish I lived in Helsingborg or wherever you will be this summer. I live in Örebro, and I guess you will not be there… =) It was fun to read about you. If you write and speak more in swedish you will learn more and hopefully your mother and sister wont laugh at you.. ;) Haha. Im convinced that you are good at swedish! Take care and have an amazing summer!
    Hugs and kisses, Lina, 23.

  19. You sound really nice! I should have asked what town in Sweden you’re visiting, because if it’s somewhere near it would be fun to meet you and your sister. I’m 18 and live close to Göteborg.

  20. Fun to read as well – you remind me about the kids I was a nanny to in Boca Raton, Florida. Miss them. And your mum is from the same place as I grew up in. Enjoy your day in the US

  21. Haha, you answered my Twilight question!!! :D
    I’m also Team Edward!! :D
    You should come Stockholm as well! It’s really pretty here especially during the summer!!!
    Thanks fot taking your time answering our questions!!
    You seem to be such a sweet and kind person, so does your entire family too of course! :)


  22. Very nice to hear about your life in short Honna!;) You seam to enjoy life in a very good way. I like that you have your mind on a sucessful future, that´s the way to go! I always had my mind on a sucessful future and now i have moved to Spain to work as a fashion manager to see what the future brings here:) So keep focused ion the future and you will see you will be successful!


  23. heja nd hello too you.I think my english is bad like your swedish smile.But most inporten is wee can understud.
    I am so happy learn little more aboute you also.
    I hope the summer bee fun here in sweden for you and family.I also hope not all sweden peaple jump on you now when wee know you a little.
    it was nice you tell little how the school is in usa.
    I know alittle from internet freinds.But the most of them is old like me.I am 52 years old.
    I have coming like your mother becourse she is her self.Not diva here smile.Yes I think the family is allthing for she.For manny years ago I live whid a man from Irak.So I know the food.AHH smell nice in the citchen when you cook it.I also love work in the citchen.
    It was fun read what you will bee when you grown up smile.sorry cant not better words.
    take care on the family and big hug to you all.Hope see you more time.And joy the summer

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