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Måndag betyder vecka två i Veckans Utmaning som presenteras i samarbete med Kari Traa. Ni hittar första veckans utmaning genom att klicka HÄR!

,. du hittar understället i flera färger och varianter HÄR.

Welcome to the Kari Traa’s 4 Week Challenge! We’re presenting some fun exercises based on Tabata Intervals to challenge your fitness and strength.

The basic formula for Tabata training is 20 seconds of work (as many reps as possible) followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times.

Working out with simple equipment is damn easy and great fun! We’ll work with our bodies and an exercise ball, as simple as that. So, let’s get started with #KT4weekchallenge!



This week it’s all about working your thighs and butt. It may not look very challenging, but if done correctly, your thighs and butt will certainly feel the burn – that’s a promise! Lactic acid!



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1. Start out from a standing position and place your legs hip length apart.
2. Brace your abs and lunge backwards. Lift your arms and hold for three seconds before pushing back up to starting position.


1. Place one foot slightly behind you, push up and kick your leg out to the side to open up your hip.
2. If you need some extra challenge, lunge straight back, then push up and kick out to the side.

,. du hittar tightsen HÄR och linnet HÄR.


1. Lunge back, push off and jump with your knee pulled up against your stomach.
2. Use your arms as lever by keeping them straight out in front of you when you lunge, and pulling them back while you jump.

,. du hittar shortsen HÄR och tröjan HÄR.


1. Start out from a standing position with your feet hip length apart.
2. Lower down and jump out into the plank position, brace your abs, jump back and return to standing position.
3. Stretch your arms up in the air. Repeat.



Ask yourself what kind of benefits you get from exercising. What motivates you? What do you miss when you’re not exercising? Write it down on a piece of paper. This is a simple way of expressing your motivation for exercising. Make sure to read it often, and take a look at it whenever your motivation fails you.


Add a new piece of clothing to your wardrobe. Perhaps a nice dress, a spring coat, or some new workout clothes.




Presenteras i samarbete med Kari Traa



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