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,. understället Tikse för vårträning finns HÄR.

Welcome to the Kari Traa’s 4 Week Challenge! We’re presenting some fun exercises based on Tabata Intervals to challenge your fitness and strength.

The basic formula for Tabata training is 20 seconds of work (as many reps as possible) followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times.

Working out with simple equipment is damn easy and great fun! We’ll work with our bodies and an exercise ball, as simple as that. So, let’s get started with #KT4weekchallenge!



Put your fitness to the test! Go through every exercise in order to make sure you know the technique. For maximum benefit, do each exercise a couple of times before you do the full Tabata workout and increase the pace. Have fun!



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,. du hittar tightsen HÄR och linnet HÄR.


1. Start in a “downhill position”. Keep your knees bent and your weight on your heels while flexing your abs.
2. Take a jump to the side as if you were jumping an obstacle.
3. Land in the starting position and then jump back.
4. Repeat. Throughout the entire exercise, make sure to squeeze your abs and keep the weight on your heels and be careful not to sway your back.

,. fler varianter på tightsen finns HÄR och tröjan finns HÄR.


1. Start from a standing position with your feet hip-width apart.
2. Squat down, jump to the side, squat down and jump to the side.
3. Make two jumps before returning to starting position.
4. Keep your weight on your heels and flex your abs. Think “ass in the grass” = bend your knees as much as you can!


1. Jump straight up in the air with outstretched arms and legs, bend down towards the floor and walk your arms forwards into a plank.
2. Stretch out for a few seconds, engage your abs.
3. Go back and start over with a jump. It’s vital that you squeeze your abs and keep your spine straight while going into the plank position.


1. Stand with one leg in front of the other with the rear leg slightly bent.
2. Pull up one leg at a time, as if you were doing a high-knee sprint, and count your steps, “1, 2, 3, 4”.
3. On the fourth step, resume starting position and stop. Repeat.
4. You’ll get into the flow and your pulse rate will increase, so speed up as soon as you get the hang of the steps!



Don’t let any notion of what is supposedly right or enough put you off exercising. Just do something! A couple of exercises on the floor at home or a ten minute run is good enough if that’s all you feel up to that day. Every step counts.


A relaxed walk in silence. No phone, music, or stress, no need to perform. Just have a lovely walk in the sun, listen to the birdsong and simply be.


Du hittar träningspassen för vecka 1 HÄR och träningspasset för vecka 2 HÄR. 


Presenteras i samarbete med Kari Traa








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